About Us


Music is very important in the education and general development of a child; while we were young at one point, we learnt through music and it helped us memorize certain basics. Things are not different today only that music has really grown and technology has made it even to grow to such a large extent. Music teachers are therefore enshrined with such a big role to play in the lives of their students. With development in technology, kids can access music on their computers or tablets but there is no way computers can take the place of music teachers. This is where music websites come in; there are certain websites, which are designed specifically to help students gain the required skill, while using the computer in order to learn and enjoy music. Music Fun for Kids is one such website that will help your kids to gain the necessary skills required while using the computer.

Music Fun for Kids is a non-profit organization created for children of all ages. The site appreciates the power of music in the hands of young people who are always eager to learn while at the same time have fun. The site introduces kids to the music world by making them learn about the basic music instruments, which include making them, listen to and learn about instruments in the woodwind, brass and string families. It also teaches them the basics about how music is made and makes them explore the basic concepts in sound, rhythm and mood. Music Fun for Kids also presents a general introduction to the basic topics related to reading music in an easy and understandable way. It features great graphics and fun games, teacher resources as well as music tutorials. Apart from fun games, this site appreciates that kids need to learn hence features learning games of different levels that will enable the kids to master certain music skills such as ear training and rhythmic skills. Music Fun for Kids understand that kids love having fun even when learning hence it incorporates fun sounds and programmes which improve your child’s listening and speaking skills while at the same time make them have such a great time.

This site is definitely, what your kid needs, it will fully engage them especially through musical puzzles, which challenge them to put melodies in the correct order, and this is fun. It has so much other fun activities that you will only appreciate by visiting us.